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Help plz, pests or virus? Or light stress

Using 300 w led on clones. 2 weeks old, about 18 inches from viparspectra. Moved them up to 12 inches recently then dropped back down to 18. They are recently transplanted out of solo cups into ff happy frog. I have given them light nutes but also watering with ro bottled water. ph seems high in soil above 7. Last watering I gave them half gallon of distilled with ph of 6.6, fox farm nutes added. They were clones given to me from friend, I hope its not mites I have seen small black dots...

Help plz, pests or virus? Or light stress
January 20, 2018 at 11:39AM

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pics included...what are these

tiny white bugs that's floating in the run off after a heavy watering/flush

the move non stop and hop around like fleas

almost thought it was like a foam or bubbles in the water until I realized there bugs

growing in soil

I dumped some straight pyrethrin on them and they died quick View attachment 4075846View attachment 4075847
January 20, 2018 at 03:18AM

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Plant too yellow in week 7 flowering

I have two plants that are 7 weeks into flowering. One plant (more on the left) is very green, at least 2/3 pistils brown and looks ready to harvest in a week. The other (right) is pretty yellow, most pistils are still white, however it has much bigger buds. The PH is 6.2 and it gets half str flowering nutes (nute burn if i would use full) every other watering. The left plant doesnt get nutes anymore. I flushed both plants today because i hadnt done that but otherwise Im not sure why the one...

Plant too yellow in week 7 flowering
January 19, 2018 at 09:07PM

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Please, help identify problem (strange leaf curling)

plant was switched to 12/12 on jan 13. after that I notices that strange behavior you can see on pics.
I have NOT changed watering or anything else.

January 19, 2018 at 10:33AM

How to fix your marijuana plant problem .. read this fix

Need an experianced eye for my girl

hi this is my first time growing (and posting) so thanks for any help in advance, thought i'd copy paste from the sticky so I don't miss anything but i've been having some issues with 1 of my girls, her leaves are twisting and starting to curl up but only on the 1 plants the others are ok. Started them off in big pots which i realise now was not ideal but they seem to be ok. I was only watering a small area around the base of the plants to start for first 5-6 days and only a small amount at a time.

I've attached the image of the poorly one and one of the others for comparison all have had same neuts same water etc so I don't know why this one is having trouble or maybe it's nothing just wanted to check with some experienced growers.

Soil or hydro or coco: Coco 70% perlite 30%
plant age: 8 days since sprouting through soil
pot size: 11L fabric pots
has it been repotted? and when?: No
soil type: Coco/perlite 70/30
nutes or additives used and how often for soil: c…

Bud rot and PM

Hey guys,

I had some problems with bud rot towards the end of my outdoor light dep grow last season. I'm only a few miles off the coast in Nor Cal with higher humidity so bud rot and powdery mildew is a huge concern. I recently picked up some new clones for the upcoming season and I'm already seeing some powdery mildew on some of them in my indoor nursery.

Should I throw away the plants/genetics with powdery mildew to help avoid my bud rot problem later on? Or is it irrelevant?


Bud rot and PM
January 18, 2018 at 08:54PM

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