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over watering?

My seedlings where doing fine until one of them started drooping and growing very slowly and improperly in new parts, i planted into 25l pot from seed, first time, i know your meant to pot up, lesson learnt for next time, basically if someone can have a look at tell me if what i think is going on is right, i think i have over watered them as there is drooping and sort of crinkly lines appearing on some leafs, i was watering small amounts often and decided to try 1 litre of water on a longer period, i left it for 3 days and still was very wet so im pretty sure its over watering, im using 24 hour evap water, no nutes no nothing, and ph the water to 6.8 from 8.5 after 24 hr evap using canna organic ph down, and im letting it settle for a while before using it and making sure its 6.8, I put my hand into the soil and it also seemed very clumped together which i have read about happens with small plants big pots and giving the big amount of water at one time etc, i am currently just letting it dry out but i have also as to say *fluffed* the soil as best as i can without damaging the plant as i read about the clumpy wet spots in soil keep oxygen out, should i just go down a shop and get some pots and put in a appropriate pot now or will that be too stressful or should i continue and just let dry out then water less each time? also does this look like over watering? because the leaves are slightly curly aswell which ive read is under watering. any help greatly appreciated.

January 12, 2018 at 09:35AM

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I'm very new to this and just bought theses clones last Sunday. They were in rockwool and I transplanted into Dixie cups with 50%coco and 50% ocean forest. I'm concerned bc they look like they have either to much water or to much nuits. There 1st and 2nd feeding were with remo nutrients ( grow, micro, velokelp, magcal, 5ml per gallon of each, ph of 6.2). Does everything look ok or do things look a little off. I'm in a gorilla grow 5x5, 8inch hyper fan with carbon filter, spectrum king sk600,...

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January 06, 2018 at 10:23PM

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